Super Turbo Bolter

      The flagship of the Minova range of machines is the Super Turbo Bolter, which has been designed for the drilling and installation of roof bolts and long tendons, and is supplied in five standard sizes. Benefits to the users:
    • Leg Extension
    • Due to the side mounting of the motor the design of the Super Turbo Bolter enables it to achieve greater extension on two leg stages than other machines on 3 stages. This is very important since there is almost 50 % more thrust developed when drilling or installing a bolt using Super Turbo Bolter as compared to other machine types which require a 3rd stage leg for similar reach. Other benefits of this design arrangement are faster drilling times and less drill steel changes.. Impact Resistant and Hard Wearing Leg Material The Super Turbo leg assembly is made of fundamentally different materials and construction technique when compared to other machines which gives it a much longer operational life and resistance to damage. This gives the user longer machine availability rates and reduces leg replacement costs.
    • High Performance Piston Motor
    • The Super Turbo Bolter is powered by four cylinder high performance and low maintenance motor. This motor design gives higher and consistent power output with longer service intervals.
    • Light and strong
    • The careful selection of materials and design allows the Super Turbo to be the lightest and strongest machine available which enables it to operate reliably and effectively in even the toughest mining environments.
    • Light and strong


  • High speed driling and bolt insertion
  • Effective high performance thrust
  • High torque motor
  • Optional chuck speed
  • Lightweight
  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • Balanced for ease of handling
  • Two and three stage machines available
  • Suitable for roof bolting and cable bolting
  • Certificate ATEX

Technical data

Power requirements

Operating air pressure
Air consumption
Water pressure
Water volume
400 kPa - 620 kPa
2.8 - 3.4 m3/min
1030 - 2755 kPa
9 - 18 litres/min

Performance (at 620 kPa operating pressure)

Thrust at stage 1 17.00 kN
Thrust at stage 2 13.40 kN
Thrust at stage 3 39.50 kN

Chuck speed and torque

Free rotation speed 500 Obr/min 550 Obr/min 600 Obr/min
Output torque at stall 235 Nm 200 Nm 165 Nm
Maximum torque 350 Nm 350 Nm 350 Nm


Machine typeNo. of stagesuClosed heightExtended heightWeight
ST 1000/500 3S 3 1000 mm 3000 mm 34.6 kg
ST 1200/700 3S 3 1200 mm 3800 mm 37.6 kg
ST 1345/900 2S 2 1345 mm 3450 mm 37.6 kg
ST 1500/1300 2S 2 1500 mm 3900 mm 39.8 kg
ST 1700/1500 2S 2 1700 mm 4600 mm 42.4 kg
Chuck size 19mm or 22mm


GOPHER” bolting machines is rotary pneumatic machine reliable in every situation. It is a manually operated rotary, low-pressure machine with a three-stage leg operation. A range of machines cover operational heights of between 1.08m and 3,51m. The Gopher will operate with pressures between 400 kPa and 620 kPA and can be used with the appropriate drill rods for dry or wet drilling. Typical applications include mining, quarrying, tunneling and civil engineering.



Technical data

Machine typeAir consumption
(m3 /min)
Closed height (mm)Extended height (mm)Weight
MG 250/3 LP 2,8 ÷ 3,4 1080 2360 38
MG 310/3 LP 2,8 ÷ 3,4 1280 3050 39
MG 350/3 LP 2,8 ÷ 3,4 1440 3650 42