Friction pipe bolts KRSz-C-ø39 are designed for roof and ribs support in mine working areas as an independent or secondary bolting roof support system. They are also used for the attachment of various components of mining equipment.

Technical description

The bolt rod is made from a section of ø39 mm in diameter and 3 mm thick.
The cross-section of the rod resembles a cylinder whose edges overlap forming a tube.
The upper part of the rod is beveled and appropriately formed while the bottom part has a reinforcing sleeve and a hole for fitting the attachment unit.
When set in the hole, the bolt is given the required load capacity due to elastic rod structure.

The bolts can be used with square washers of 150 x 150 mm or round Ø137 mm washers made of 6 mm plate.

P3 x 100 x 100 square domed washer and M12 thread are supplementary elements used for the attachment of various elements of mining equipment.

Technical data


Outside rod diameter

ø 39mm

Rod length

od 1600 do 2600 mm

Bolt capacity required by regulations

min 80 kN

Useful load

100 kN

Installation procedure

Drill a hole of ø38 +0,5 mm in diameter and length equal to the length of the bolt.
Preassemble the anchor by placing the washer on the rod.
Prepare the bolt for installation by inserting the beveled end into the borehole and the sleeve in the socket of the percussion machine with impact energy of 200 ÷ 250 J. The bolt should be hammered in till the washer rests against the rock surface.

KRSz-C-Ø39 tubular friction bolt has Certificate of Conformity No. 67/3/2014 issued by ”INOVA” Technical Innovation Centre Ltd. in Lubin.