Minova Arnall Sp. z o.o. based in Golce is one of the largest manufacturers of strata control products in Poland. Highly specialized machine park, high production capacity as well as innovative technologies and top quality products are the key factors which have contributed to our leading position in the domestic market and a well-established position on the international scene.

Our Company’s history goes back to 1969, when our products were first used by „Lublin” copper mine, part of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. at that time. Series production was developed by the KRŻ „GRODZISKO” plant in 1970 and a considerable development took place in January 1980. The constantly growing demand resulted in launching long-run production at the Roof Bolting Plant in Golce. Established in 1993, the cooperation with A.N.I, the world's leading manufacturer of strata control products from Australia, enhanced further development of our Company.

Under its name – ARNALL POLAND Sp. z o.o. – the Company has been operating since 1994. Since October 2008 company came into Minova Europe organization under the name Minova Arnall Sp. z o.o.

Presently, we offer a comprehensive and constantly growing range of products aiming to meet the demands of underground mining industry, construction industry and tunneling. Our mining products have Certificates of Compliance or Safety Mark Certificates issued by authorized
certifying bodies. Our products for use in tunneling have the attestation of the Technical University of Munich and construction anchor bolts are approved by the Building Research Institute in Warsaw. Our products also have certificates issued by British research institutes, allowing them to be used in the British market.

Design and production in Minova Arnall Sp. z o.o is In accordance with IS0 9001:2008.
Certyficate of Quality Management was issued by British Standard Institution.
Certyficate No FM57563.

  • We offer:
    - Resin bolts, expansion shell bolts, cable bolts, friction pipe bolts, injection bolts,
    - W - straps,
    - Square arches of V25, V29, section
    - spreaders,
    - clamps for secondary bolting,
    - construction bolts,
    - bolts for tunneling,
    - drilling and bolting equipment,
    - monitoring equipment,
    - tooling,
    - training in using various bolting support systems, bolting machines, installation and measurement procedures,
    - consultancy in design, introduction and application of bolting support systems.

Within the scope of new technology implementation we cooperate with the following renowned research and development centers :

  • Poland:
    - INOVA Technical Innovation Centre Ltd.,
    - Central Mining Institute,
    - University : University of Mining and Metallurgy named Stanislav Staszic
    - University : Silesian University of Technology
  • World:
    - Strata Control Technology - Australia,
    - Rock Mechanic Technology - United Kingdom
    - IMC Group Consulting Limited - United Kingdom

Our position in the market, established thanks to many years of experience, high-quality products, innovative solutions, professional services and on-time deliveries has won us regular customers not only in Poland but also abroad.