Technical description

Anchor rods are ribbed reinforcing bars of dr=18,2 mm made of AP 600 steel according to ZN-95/AP-3 standard.

RM rods can be divided into the following types:

BoltRod type - standard rodRod type - coupled rod













“k” mark means that the nut is connected with the rod by means of ø3 or ø6 "SPIROL" pin.

„dz” means that the rod is made of two sections connected with a coupling M20 sleeve of 55 mm in length.

BoltRod type - standard rodRod type - coupled rod

RMn- 18









RMn rods are designed to be used in low roof working areas.

The following washers can be used with the bolts: square, square with a side hole, round, triangle or octagonal. The washers differ in terms of press forming method and thickness. T he hole may be conical or flat. Washers with a side hole of ø15 can be used for suspending elements of mining equipment. All washers are made of 6 mm metal plate.

3 x 100 x100 or 3 x ø90 washer and M20 nut are used to fasten the mesh

Technical data



Rod diameter

dr = 18,2 mm



Thread length

150 or 80 mm

Rod length

from 1270 to 8070 mm

Torque shearing the ø3 pin

80 ÷ 120 Nm

MTorque shearing the ø6 "SPIROL" pin - (light)

40 ÷ 60 Nm

Torque shearing the ø6 "SPIROL" pin - (medium)

90 ÷ 120 Nm

Torque shearing the ø6 "SPIROL" pin - (heavy)

140 ÷ 160 Nm

Coupling sleeve:


Sleeve diameter

ø 25 mm

Thread size


Sleeve length

55 mm

Bolt capacity required by regulations

120 kN

Effective bolt capacity

170 kN


Installation procedure

Drill a hole of the same length as the rod. Place the resin cartridges in the bore hole.
Insert the rod and rotate while pushing causing the resin to mix. Leave the in the hole until he mixture has cured. While inserting the „k” rod the nut does not turn as it is joined with the rod by means of a ø3 or ø6 pin. After the resin has set, the pin is sheared by turning the nut.
While applying the „k” rod, the rod should be inserted to the hole with the bearing washer on.
In case of a two-part rod, the rod should be connected with a M20 coupling sleeve.
W przypadku żerdzi dzielonej, dwie części żerdzi należy połączyć za pomocą tulei M20.
Tighten the M20 nut applying torque strength of at least 30 kN.
While fitting the mesh, it should be fastened with an auxiliary washer and M20.

RM-18 adhesive anchor has Certificate of Conformity No. 64/3/2014 issued by “INOVA” Technical Innovation Centre Ltd. in Lubin.