Intended use

Resin cable bolt type KLW-15,5 ; KLW-18 are designed to be used in underground workings in coal mines and non-ferrous metals mines.
Bolt is designed for high horizon bolting of underground roadways, crossings and also as secondary bolting in bolted roadways where displacements occur above the bolted horizon.
Height of reinforcement is higher then roadway’s height (from 3 to 10m).

Technical description

Cable bolts are made from cable of Ø15,5 or 18mm in diameter and 1+6 structure.
Upper end is cut by one side to perforate resin cartridges easier.
For that reason bird cages are made in length of 100mm and 20 to 28mm in diameter (standard making is 22 or 24mm).
Cages diameter depends on hole diameter.
When filled up with grout or resin the cages act like stiff bulbs in relation to the cement face.
The bulbs remain non-cracked despite considerable forces affecting the cable as radial forces occurring in the wires, which could potentially crush the cement in the bulbs, are relatively light when compared to axial forces.
The shape of the cable considerably affects force distribution around the cable caused by cable movement in the rock. Cable bulbs release significant stresses perpendicular to the hole walls decreasing stresses parallel to the hole axis.

As a result birdcage cable bolt gives stiffer work condition between bolt and rockmass.
Bolt movement against rock caused by unit load will be lower then compared to plain cable. It is intend to produce cable bolt in the following properties:

Rm = min 1420 MPa
Rm = min 1620 MPa
Rm = min 1800 MPa

Siła utwierdzenia jednakowej długości liny klatkowej jest wyższa, niż liny gładkiej.
Birdcages are design to mix resin cartridges. In the lower part there is stiffening tube and tensioning sleeve. Both items are solid jointed. Tensioning sleeve with the wedge work as clamp. Bottom is ended with hexagonal adapter to rotate the bolt. Rubber seal on the cable used only when installed with the resin of low viscosity.

Flat square washers are made of steel of thickness 10 and 12mm and dimensions 150 to 300mm.

M33 and M36 nuts on the tension sleeve are to pretension cable bolt.


Technical data



KLW-15,5 cable diameter

ø 15,5 mm

KLW-18 cable diameter

ø 18 mm

Cage distance


200, 300, 400, 500, itd. (standard making 500 mm)

Cage diameter

ø20 ÷ 28 mm (depends on hole diameter, standard making ø22 ÷ 24 mm)

KLW-15,5 tension sleeve thread


KLW-18 tension sleeve thread


Length of stiffening tube of 15,5 cable


1500 mm (or acc. to needs)

Length of stiffening tube of 18 cable


1500 mm (or acc. to needs)

Bolt KLW-15,5 adapter


Hexagonal S=22mm


Bolt KLW-18 adapter


Hexagonal S=22 mm


KLW-15,5 capacity



min. 200 kN

KLW-18 capacity



min. 300 kN


Installation procedure


Prepare equipment, materials (bolts, washers, nuts, resin).
Drill the holes according to patern.
Insert proper quantity of resin cartridges into the hole.
Insert the cable into the hole.
Rotate the bolt with the bolting machine to mix the resin.
When resin is set mount the washer and tight the nut. Tight the nut in order to pretension the bolt not less then with 30kN force.

Note: Installation procedure may differ when adhesives or other equipment is used to install the bolt.


KLW-15,5 ; KLW-18 cable bolts have Certificate of Conformity No. 359/2/2015 issued by “INOVA” Technical Innovation Centre Ltd. in Lubin.